Editorial board

Chief Editor

Zhumagulova V.I. Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor (Republic of Kazakhstan)


Chairman of the Editorial Board:

Yanovskaya O.A. Doctor of Economics, PhD, Professor, Advisor of the IAAR (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Members of the Editorial Board

Alshanov R.A. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Rector of “Turan” University (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Bozymov K.K. Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Rector of Zhangir Khan WKATU (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Zhumagulova A.B.  Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Director of the IAAR (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Shunkeev K.Sh. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, First Vice-Rector of K.Zhubanov ARSU (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Mun G.A.  Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor, Head of Department of Al-Farabi KazNU (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Emri I. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, President of Slovenian Chapter of IAE (Republic of Slovenia)

Gorbashko E.A. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector of UNECON (Russian Federation)

Volodin A.A. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Vice-Rector of MRSU (Russian Federation)

Michailidis S. PhD, Professor, Vice-Rector of USA Webster University, Athens (Greece)

Gostin A.M. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Director of CNIT of RSREU (Russian Federation)

Juraev A.H.  Candidate of philosophical sciences, Rector’s Advisor of TSULBP (Republic of Tajikistan)

Stybaev G.Zh. Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Dean of S.Seifullin KATU (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Nurakhmetova A.B. IAAR Project Manager (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Executive Secretary of the Editorial Board

Kydyrmina N.A. PhD, IAAR Project Manager (Republic of Kazakhstan)