Review procedure

1.  Articles submitted for publication must be double-blind peer-reviewed. Each manuscript is reviewed by two anonymous reviewers. Peer reviewers should be independent experts.

The term for preparing a review is set by agreement with the reviewer, but cannot exceed two weeks from the moment the article is received by the reviewer.

If there are negative reviews of the manuscript of the article from two different reviewers or one negative review of its revised version, the author is sent a reasoned refusal to publish the article.

In case of a positive review and recommendation of the manuscript for publication, the manuscript is included in the portfolio of texts accepted for publication, from which the next issue will be formed, the author will be notified of this. In the case of a negative review, the manuscript is either rejected or sent to the author for revision and changes. After revision, the article is again sent for scientific review to the same reviewers. In case of a positive review and recommendation of the article for publication, it falls into the portfolio of texts accepted for publication. In case of repeated negative review, the manuscript is finally rejected, the author is notified of this.

2. If the reviewer points out the need to make certain corrections to the text, the article is sent to the author with a proposal to take into account the comments when preparing an updated version of the article or to refute them with arguments. When sending a revised article to the Journal, the author must send a file containing answers to all the comments of the reviewer and explaining all the changes made in the article.

3. The corrected version is re-provided to the reviewer for making a decision and preparing a reasoned opinion on the possibility of publication. The date of acceptance of the article for publication is the date of receipt by the editors of the positive opinion of the reviewer (or the decision of the editorial board) on the feasibility and possibility of publishing the article.

4. The order of publication of articles is determined by the registration date of their receipt by the editorial office. Papers devoted to particularly topical problems of science, as well as containing fundamentally new information, by the decision of the editorial board, may be published out of turn.

5. Articles of the first heads of state bodies, institutions, organisations and their deputies, first heads of higher educational institutions and their deputies, representatives of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan are not subject to review.

6. Articles of the members of the Editorial Board of the Journal (except for the above categories) are reviewed in the usual manner.